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AFF course

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AFF course

Solo Skydiving-AFF course

Accelerated Free Fall, or AFF, is today the most common way to train new skydivers. After a few days of ground school the student is ready for 7 AFF-levels. After completing them the student can jump solo without instructors! After 25 jumps the student receives an USPA-A license.

AFF training courses are conducted by experienced AFF instructors in English, and free bilingual translation would be offered by international instructors.  Following ground and theory training, you will be going through 1-7 levels jumping together with your AFF instructor: how to deploy parachute, gliding and landing, balancing, rolling-over, and backwards somersault. After 25 jumping at Tuofeng Skydive drop zone, Tuofeng Skydive will apply USPA-A license for you. 

Introduction of AFF course

Tunnel flying 40 minutes

Ground training & theory training 3-5 days

1 tandem skydiving (4000 meters high)

1-3 level solo jump with 2 AFF instructors  3 jumps

4-7 level solo jump with 1 AFF instructor  4 jumps 


1. Why do you learn AFF?

At Tuofeng Skydive we use AFF as our training method because we believe this is the best and most effective way of training skydivers.

2. AFF instructor’s qualification

An AFF instructor needs to have a valid skydiving license with an AFF-rating. The AFF-rating is one of the most difficult to achieve. It takes a lot of advanced flying skills and also the ability to coach and educate the students.

3. Safety of AFF training?

There are not so many accidents during AFF training. We can compare it to normal road traffic. However, the student has to be aware that skydiving is a high risk activity. And even if the student does everything correct and all the equipm

4. Procedure of AFF training?

After the ground school the student does level 1, 2 and 3 with two instructors. Level 4, 5, 6 and 7 is with one instructor. The students will learn how to deploy the parachute, how to fly and land the parachute, keep a stable freefall position, do turns and even backflips in freefall!

5. Introduction of parachutes and other accessories

As a student you will have all the skydiving gadgets supplied by your dropzone. You will use special goggles for skydiving, a jumpsuit, an altimeter, a helmet and of course a parachute. At Tuofeng Skydive we use brand new student parachutes from Performance Designs, the largest and most recognized manufacturer in the world.

6. Any requirements of AFF students (physical,mental,lingual )?

It is common that the students have to do a simple medical examination, hb-value, etc, just to see that the student does not have a medical condition that can be dangerous in the air.  The medical examination report should be signed by qualified doctors of class 3 or above hospitals. 

7. How long does it take to finish AFF training?

This is a difficult question to answer. If the student is perfect and we have a lot of luck with the weather we can be done in a week. We can also be waiting for better weather for a looong time.

8. Could student leave drop zone on no-training day?

Of course.

9. Does AFF student have insurance? What is the type of insurance?

Yes, we offer insurance for AFF student. It is an insurance for high-risk sports.

10. Issue of certification? Who will issue the certification and where will it be done?

USPA is an option. Now, because you have Swedish instructors the students can even get a Swedish license. It does not matter so much because they are all recognized.


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