Tandem Skydive


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Tandem Skydive

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Tandem Skydive

At the drop zone, you complete the necessary paperwork, new jumpers are paired with a trained, certified, skydiving professional for a tandem jump. You will receive all necessary training the day of your jump. Your tandem instructor will make sure all your questions are answered and gear up with you. Together, you board our airplane. On the 15-20 minute ride to about 10,000 feet or 13,500 feet, your instructor will connect your harnesses together.

You and your instructor exit the plane secured together. You freefall for about a minute before your instructor deploys the parachute. This is the time to look around and enjoy the beauty of the sky, the panoramic scenery and the sheer joy of flight. You can help fly the parachute or leave the flying to your guide. Its up to you!

If you are having your jump recorded, your instructor would photograph all the process with a handy camera. If you are having a outside photographer, the photographer will exit hanging on to the plane to record your exit and then follow you down on your descent.


A complete process of a tandem skydive!


Welcome to your first jump!


1. Checking in at dropzone

Your tandem jump experience starts with checking in at the drop zone and paying for your jump and video (if you want.)? Therell be a waiver to sign, a video to watch, and proper instruction.


2. The Tandem Skydiving Class

An instructor will now teach you everything youll need to know to make a safe, fun tandem skydive. This will only take about 10-15 minutes, depending on the class size.


3. Your Goggles, Jumpsuit and Harness

We have two types of goggles regular and ones designed to fit over glasses. We have a tandem skydiving jumpsuit that will fit you. Your instructor will give you a jumpsuit to zip over your clothes. Besides the fashion statement youll be making in your suit, it will keep you warm and protect your clothes from potential grass stains on your butt (if you end up doing a landing sitting down). Next he will fit your harness to you. The harnesses are specifically designed to go with the instructors tandem parachuting gear as a system.? After you are both seated in the aircraft, he will attach your harness to his own.


4. Time To Board The Plane!

Now its time to board the airplane. The fun is about to begin. Last minute hugs with friends and family members, a couple of last minute photos, and now you and your instructor get seated in your jump ship!

The airplane takes off and the excitement wanes for a bit as the aircraft climbs to your jump altitude. But its not all boring because you have windows everywhere and your instructor will be pointing out scenic features like lakes, mountains, and so on.

You wont have time to get worried because the trip up to jump altitude only takes 10 to 15 minutes.


5. Time To Jump!

As a tandem skydiver, you will not actually have to jumpout of the airplane.? Your instructor does the jumpingwith you attached to him; whatever he does you do because youre attached to him!

Hell step off or push off and you will simply follow.


6. Who Opens the Parachute?


You are not responsible for opening the parachute, your instructor will do this. So no worries!


7. Gliding Gently Down

You are now gliding effortlessly through the air under a beautifully-colored parachute, like a sailboat on the water. In fact you ARE sailing on the air.

Steering the parachute yourself! At this point your instructor will offer you the steering togglesso you can steer and turn the parachute in circles if you want this can be sooo fun!


8. The Landing

Somewhere around 1000AGL (Above Ground Level) or higher, your instructor will take the steering toggles back from you and steer you in for a soft landing.Your instructor may have you lift your legs up just prior to landing.

And just like that, its all over! The time it took you read this page is about all the time it will take to leave the airplane and land safely on the ground.


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