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Is there an age limit?

Anyone planning to skydive must bring a government-issued identification and be 14-80 years of age. Parental or guardian consent is required for anyone under 18.

What should I bring?

A photo ID with date of birth and cash or credit card to pay balance due.

What should I wear?

Dress in comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. We’ll provide a jumpsuit and goggles. Wear shoes that will not fall off and don’t have hooks. (No hiking boots, flip flops, or sandals.) You will have to jump with empty pockets and minimum (or better yet, no) jewelry.

What about my glasses/contacts?

We will supply goggles that can go over glasses and contacts.

What if I’m afraid of heights?

A surprising number of people who say they are afraid of heights jump, and some are experienced skydivers. They have a blast anyway. The reason is that acrophobia (the fear of heights) has a lot to do with seeing things move in relation to other things. In skydiving you are so far from the ground that everything looks static and unmoving – like a beautiful picture post card. It’s not like climbing a ladder or a cliff (which makes me nervous) where you can see the ground and everything on it moving as you move. You know yourself better than anyone and what you can handle. But just the fact you’re reading this means you’re different than most people when it comes to heights!

How high will we go and how fast will I fall? How long does the skydive last?

The freefall time depends on your exit altitude. From 10,000 feet you’ll freefall for about 35-40 seconds and from 13,500 feet about 60 seconds. The parachute will be deployed at around 5,000 ft., so you’ll have another 4 to 5 minutes before you land.

Will I be able to breathe?

You’ll be able to breathe normally. After all, you’ll be surrounded by fresh air!

What does it feel like?

You do not get the sinking stomach feeling that you do on roller coasters or amusement park rides. Although impossible to describe, it will be the most invigorating, one-of-a-kind experience you have ever had.

What if the parachute does not work?

That is rare, all of our parachutes are inspected and packed under the supervision of FAA riggers. But if it happens, we’ll use the reserve parachute, that’s why it’s there. According to statistics, the odds of dying in a skydive are about 1:100,000 inUSA. InChina, we do not have the exact number for the moment. But, just like driving on the highway, if you follow the rules and double check everything, it can be very safe. We have a great safety record with both students and experienced skydivers. But not to “sugar coat” anything, skydiving CAN injure or KILL you. So you MUST be at least 18 years of age to sign our waiver release forms,and parental or guardian consent is required for anyone under 18.

What about the weather?

It’s very seldom that we have to cancel because of clouds or rain. Sometimes, if the wind starts blowing over 25 mph, we may have to cancel. But that’s usually a temporary problem, and just as quickly as the wind picks up it can decrease. There are very few days where we can’t take you on a skydive due to weather. We issue refunds if we could not have you jump due to weather condition, or we can reschedule your jump for another day at no additional charge.

I have a disability, can I skydive?

You should be able to skydive with almost any type of disability. If you have any medical problems, check with your doctor first. Be sure to tell your instructor ahead of time, particularly if you have back or joint problems. We may require proof from your doctor that it is safe for you to skydive.

Can I jump at the same time as my friends?

If scheduling permits, you may ride the plan together, but each tandem jumper leaves the plane separately from other jumpers.

Can I have my jump videoed and photographed?

Yes, in fact we have professional free fall videographers who specialize in recording jumps. Not only are they equipped with high-end still and video cameras that they wear on special helmets, and they have video-editing equipment. If you order a video for your jump, you will leave the drop zone with a professionally-edited to music, high-def DVD of your jump, to include high-res still photographs. Video before you board the plane and video of your landing will be included.

Can I bring my own camera while skydiving?

No. The cameras used in skydiving are bolted to specially designed camera helmets. Holding onto a camera during free fall just really isn’t an option.

Do I need reservation?

Yes, all jumps are by reservation. This is for your benefit. So if you’ll call us with as much advance notice as possible, we’ll hold open the best time slot for you.

Where can I get more information on skydiving?

You are more than welcome to call us at 400-0871-332 and our staff will be happy to answer any question about skydiving. Another good source for information about skydiving is the United States Parachute Association and you can contact them at www.uspa.org.



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